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Announcing Clouds in PHP Fog

Today we are excited to announce the biggest update since we launched General Availability on May 10th. Now you will be able to run applications for as little as $2/application/month with the introduction of the new “Cloud” feature. Existing paying accounts on PHP Fog can now add more applications for free!

PHP Fog Clouds are private multi-tenant environments–you can have as many of your own apps shared on a set of dedicated servers that do not have any strangers code on them. You can scale each of your Clouds to as many servers as you want and each Cloud can run up to 125 applications. When you average out the per-app cost this way, you can run applications for as little as $2/application/month. We are delivering this new feature all while continuing to provide incredibly simple scalability, easy deployment with git, outstanding reliability, and blazing fast performance.

Since General Availability launch we’ve made a number of other incremental improvements. The App Console interface was updated to make room for a number of additional features in the works. We’ve made a number of improvements under the hood to improve the speed and reliability of the deployment process. The security has been tightened even further and we’ve been working with a security firm to further improve the security of your applications.

We listened to you and we have made these improvements based on your feedback. Help mold the next big features at PHP Fog today, fill out our next generation survey and get cool PHP Fog swag:

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    Pretty clever phpfog.

    Can’t wait for the stickers!


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