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What PHP Fog will do with $8M

As has been reported in a few places, we have just raised $8M more in funding which brings our total amount of funding to nearly $10M. Additionally we have changed our company name to AppFog. What does this all mean to our customers?

PHP is still our #1 focus. We are dedicated to providing the best PaaS experience to PHP developers around the world. The AppFog name shows that we have a broader game-plan, but our heart is still in PHP.

Think of it like Amazon. At first, all they sold was books, and they sold books better than anyone. They built their reputation around books and started expanding until they took over online shopping as we know it. PHP is our first love and we are building the best experience around PHP, but we intend to expand our technology base with the new money and the new name bringing the same great reputation and experience to other languages.

What does this mean for PHP developers? You will soon have access to more tools and languages than ever before. If you love PHP Fog, but ever wanted to try out Node or Ruby, you will be able to do so in a familiar way and pricing.

What does this mean for non-PHP developers? We will soon be able to provide you a compelling PaaS that fits your needs better than any other PaaS out there. We have spent a lot of time working on aspects of PaaS that other companies left behind. Git deploy, great UX, billing, the ability to have dedicated servers and share many of your own applications on those servers without worrying about sharing resources with strangers.

The first part of our life as a small startup has been to build a compelling PaaS platform that people love. The next stage is to deliver that platform to all developers.

As we ramp up, we will start talking about the technical choices we are making to accomplish this goal in plenty of gory technical detail. We are also fully committed to contributing the the open source community we are built on. If you want to keep in touch as we progress, make sure to follow our rss feed. Also now more than ever, we are still hiring! Come join the team that will revolutionize PaaS today.

  • Larry Kubin

    Interested in trying out Python/Ruby support when it is added. Hopefully the existing PHPFog subscribers can deploy apps using new languages as they are made available 🙂

  • Jacob Steringa

    Out of the box Django support would be very nice 🙂

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