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AppFog Reveals Cloud Foundry Integration For Multi-Language Support

Private Beta for AppFog (Cloud Foundry on AWS) starts today, signup now at

All PaaS systems are either already multi-language or will become multi-language. In a few years, all PaaS technology will look the same, so what will make the difference?

User experience.

What is the difference between the iPad and everything else?

User experience.

How can AppFog build the best user experience for PHP and every other language out there?

Cloud Foundry

What is Cloud Foundry and what exactly does it do?

You can think of all PaaS services as a three piece sandwich:

  • User Experience – Web UI, subscription plans, pricing, support, add-ons, features
  • App Lifecycle Management – Start/stop apps, deploy code, monitor, load balance
  • IaaS Orchestration – All the code that manages AWS/OpenStack/Rackspace/GoGrid/etc.

Cloud Foundry only does App Lifecycle Management. It does that extremely well for many languages including Ruby, Node, Java, Python, PHP, Erlang and more to come.

It is early days for Cloud Foundry so the tech community has not had much time to evaluate its merits, but we at AppFog have been evaluating Cloud Foundry for you. I am here to tell you… Cloud Foundry rocks. It was built by people who live and breathe distributed systems.

Why does it matter to me?

It matters because Cloud Foundry is open source on github. The open source community can add features, languages, technologies and services faster than any closed source option out there. It matters because your can run Cloud Foundry on your laptop for development and then push to production. It matters because when something bothers you about your PaaS, shouldn’t you be able get into the code and just fix it?

Competitors get bogged down in the App Lifecycle Management. I have heard rumors that some name brand PaaS players are even doing large chunks of App Lifecycle Management manually–they get email alerts when you ask to scale your site up or down. We have a supplier, and that supplier is the Open Source community. With Cloud Foundry that is all the automated  job of a the cloud controller.

What is the value that AppFog will provide?

Cloud Foundry alone has no web interface, no pricing, no plans, no IaaS integration (no AWS, no S3), no support. That is where AppFog shines.

AppFog has secret sauce that we did not contribute to the open source project, ways to optimize PHP and the experience around PHP. Ways to jump-start into open source apps like WordPress faster than you can imagine. Integration with AWS services like S3, RDS and the brand new ElastiCache (managed memcached). You can get these things and more automatically as soon as you start using AppFog.

We also have spent the last year perfecting PaaS user experience at, and have come up with something unique and compelling. Our pricing model is unlike any other PaaS on the market, and way better. Our design is better than anything in PaaS. Our amazing customer support has tickled our users. These are where we spend our time. We let you build Ruby, Node, Python, Java, .Net support the exact way you want by embracing open source.

Are you competing with VMware now?

VMware’s service runs on vSphere, VMware’s public cloud. They do not currently support PHP. And does not have a web interface or pricing plans or git deploy yet, all you get is a CLI to manage your systems.

Our goal at AppFog is to deliver Cloud Foundry as a first class citizen on top of the clouds you know and love.

How do I sign up for the AppFog service?

Private Beta for AppFog starts today, signup now at

I have setup Cloud Foundry Micro already, how do I use PHP in Cloud Foundry?

First make sure you are using the latest version of vcap and vmc on github. Then here are some docs on PHP:

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