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ShareFuze is the best way to “Spark your social status“. ShareFuze created a dead-simple way for music artists to receive a social graph bump from their fans in lieu of payment. Artist gets organic promotion and the fan gets free music.

Technology behind ShareFuze

This has been an interesting project in mix-and-matching of technologies to build a great scalable website. Technologies used include New Relic, SimpleAuthAmazon S3, WordPress, and CodeIgniter. New Relic is used to monitor the performance and scale the number of servers as needed. SimpleAuth is used to provide an easy way to sign-in and register with a number of social identity providers. Lastly, Amazon S3 is used to upload, store, and distribute the music contents uploaded by customers. The implementation is a hybrid with both WordPress and CodeIgniter.

Why PHP Fog?

For the simple reassurance of not having the stack concerns when scale is needed.

How has PHP Fog worked out for you?

Fantastic :-)

What’s the best part about using PHP Fog?

The zero-configuration needed to get fast dedicated servers running.

What improvements would you like to see?

Would love to see tighter integration with New Relic, hourly usage on server consumption in the dashboard and possibly a list of git commits to revert/deploy from the console.

About Jim Carter III, the developer

ShareFuze is built by and co-founded by Jim Carter III (website, Twitter, LinkedIn). Jim is an early customer of PHP Fog and has been instrumental at providing great feedback. He’s been one of the customers who has been asking for SSL support on custom domain names for a while, and now we are days from releasing this feature. Thanks Jim.

A few memorable quotes from Jim

“Count on me to be around for a long time, I’ve been looking for a while for a group like you guys who I can work with to step up my personal & venture game.”

“Very excited to launch [the next] project with you guys knowing how quick it’s working on ShareFuze.”

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