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Showcase: Zentester

Zentester is a new visual website testing, tracking and optimization tool for your web site. With just a few clicks, you can test variations of your headlines, website buttons, signup boxes, description text, images – and more – and automatically optimize your website so that it gets more sales, more signups and earns bigger profits!

What technologies do you utilize?

At Zentester we use Amazon S3 for hosting tested images so they always load fast and to cut down on our bandwidth costs. We also use SnapEngage for real time chat with our customers, UserVoice for gathering user feedback and Tenderapp for our support systems.

How has PHP Fog worked out for you?

PHPFog has been fantastic for us as previously we only had two sub-par choices of hosting. We could go with a dedicated server that could break down at any moment and would require hours to be back online (which isn’t acceptable for us, as we require 100% uptime). Or we could host the site using Amazon or Rackspace ourselves and manage the entire system. Although we could have gone with the 2nd option we’d rather have someone else take care of our servers so we can focus on taking care of our customers and ensuring our app is amazing, the things that really matter.

What’s the best part of PHP Fog?

The best part of PHP Fog is its ease of use, I tried a few other PHP Cloud hosting solutions and they were far too complex requiring things to be done on a command line or in a very confusing way that was almost as hard as just going with Amazon themselves.

What would you like to see improved in PHP Fog?

There are 3 features I’d like to see in PHPFog in the future. They are automatic server scaling if we get a sudden spike in traffic, automatic remote backups and being able to run cron jobs.

About the team

Tim Robinson is a co-founder and lead developer at Zentester, he has a knack for doing things others say can’t be done and finding strange food combinations that work surprisingly well together. Brent Hodgson is the other co-founder and head honcho of marketing and business development, he’s especially talented at figuring out what customers want before even they know it and discovering geo-caching locations that have remained undiscovered for years.

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