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Steve Jobs Memorial Day

Today is Steve Jobs Memorial Day at PHP Fog. Today all regular development stopped.

When you buy an iPhone and open the box, the experience is flawless from start to finish. The plastic wrapping comes off with ease, no need to grab scissors. The box feels rich and when you open it, cords and papers don’t come splashing out. As soon as you pull your phone up out of the box, it is presented like a plaque, as if to say congratulations on your excellent taste. You turn it on and the screen greets you in full color and you feel like you have the whole world in your hands. No edges, no batteries, no ugliness.

Steve thought through everything so extensively that it all feels perfectly natural. Even my 11 month old son can make a call with my iPhone.

We spend a lot of time at PHP Fog focusing on user experience. It is one of our most treasured values. Even still, things fall through the cracks. A missing carriage return here, a div that overflows too much with another over there, we never got around to adding ajax in this other place.

Today all regular development stopped. We went over our user experience with a fine-tooth comb, and are smoothing out our corners, we are hiding our battery cases, we are beautifying the forgotten edges of our experience. In memory of the master–thank you Steve, you have defined a generation and changed all of our lives for the better.

  • Mike

    “and are smoothing our our corners”

    That needs to be smoothed out too. :)

  • Anonymous

    Thank you!

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