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Showcase: eWeek Labs

eWEEK Labs is a division of eWEEK. They provide expert reviews and analysis of new products for business. They have thoroughly reviewed PHP Fog and written a number of articles.

What technologies do you utilize?
We use S3 and WP Super Cache.

How has PHP Fog worked out for you?
We went with PHP Fog, in part, for the sake of using a PaaS, and because it would support WordPress–a smooth transition from the IaaS we’d been using, and the potential of shifting to SaaS in the future.

PHP Fog has worked out well so far, it’s inexpensive, with separation of the db and front end, with front end scaling option.

What’s the best part of PHP Fog?
Best part of using PHP Fog is deployment with Git.

What would you like to see improved in PHP Fog?
I’m looking forward to AppFog, powered by Cloud Foundry.

About the Team
Jason Brooks is Editor in Chief of eWEEK Labs. Follow Jason on Twitter at jasonbrooks, Google+, or reach him by email at

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