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Share Your Code, Get Some Cash: Introducing Our Jumpstarts Program

For those who many not have heard, Jumpstarts are pre-configured packages for popular web frameworks and applications, from WordPress to Zend, designed to work for developers out of the box. When using PHP Fog, you simply select the jumpstart you’d like to use and just a few clicks away you’ll find the code available to modify to your heart’s content in your Git repository.

We’re proud of our jumpstarts offering, but we know it could be even better. If you have an open source project or an awesome product that you think our customers would love to use, we want to hear from you! We’d like to give you the opportunity to share your work with the tens of thousands of developers currently using PHP Fog, and we’re also looking to send some cash your way.

Welcome to our new Jumpstarts Program…

To get started you simply email Tell us about your application (framework? application? use cases?), point us to the repo (we do love us some Git), and we’ll start talking.

Once your code is live as a Jumpstart, you get all the following cool stuff…

  1. One-click jumpstart support for your app/framework
  2. Landing page at<jumpstart> where you can provide us with content to market your work
  3. Your jumpstart will be available to all PHP Fog customers during app creation
  4. You can, if you want to, become part of our referral partner program (with rev sharing – nice!)
  5. We give you free hosting for your project site on PHP Fog (or AppFog)
  6. We do co-marketing with you (buzz time baby!)
  7. You’ll get access to an API to provision apps for your customers (coming soon)
  8. And you get a “Try on PHP Fog” button to add to your site (coming soon)

So… let’s see if we’ve got this right… You can sign up to be a Jumpstart, get free hosting, get paid money when people you refer become customers, it costs you nothing, and you get access to tens of thousands of developers who now can easily develop apps using your project…

We’re really excited to see what you all do with this!

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