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WHMCS on PHP Fog with MailGun (Pt II)

This post is the second part in a series of posts by Steven Eksteen (republished from his blog with big thanks to Steven). 

You should read the first post in the series before reading this one, of course.

So here we’ll hook up mail to WHMCS on PHP Fog using MailGun. After seeing the MailGun interface, if you haven’t before, you’ll be like Grate Monkey what? I was.

This is the part when you should read the last WHMCS & PHP Fog Article, if you haven’t already.

So if you know what PHP Fog is I assume you know your way around the interface. So once you’ve enabled the MailGun Addon you’ll get some pretty convenient Environment Variables. This is the quickest way to your SMTP details:

So I took these…

… and put them here (in WHMCS)…

Yes that’s right. I blurred some stuff out of the email address. Just because my little testing WHMCS can’t afford to send money to Nigerian Princes, doesn’t mean they’re going to stop emailing and asking.

Yay, you have outbound mail. The inbound mail is just as easy.

In PHP Fog, under Addons, click manage MailGun and you’ll get to the MailGun admin interface.

Here you can add mailboxes for all your WHMCS departments…

… and then create your WHMCS departments with those settings…

You’ll also notice this…

You will have to add that second line to a cronjob like in the previous article.

The End

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